Teeth Whitening in Oro Valley, AZ

teeth whitening oro valley azWhen people first meet you, what is one of the first things they notice about you? Studies show that it’s your smile! When you smile with ease, it portrays confidence and can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional relationships.

If your teeth are discolored or not as bright as they used to be, you may be hiding your smile without even realizing it, which could be creating the wrong first impression.

Staining or dulling of your teeth is quite common and happens naturally over time with age; however, lifestyle choices such as smoking, tobacco use, and the foods and beverages you consume also affect the brightness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening in Oro Valley is an excellent solution for restoring your bright smile quickly and affordably.

Convenient Whitening Options to Fit Your Needs

At Smith Dentalworks, we offer a few convenient options that you can choose from depending on your lifestyle, budget, and goals for your smile.

Patients who have a big event coming up might require immediate results. Our in-office whitening can meet their needs with results that are six to eight shades lighter after only one or two visits to our office.

Patients who prefer to whiten their teeth at home will appreciate custom take-home whitening trays. We will create custom trays with that provide a snug fit because they're made using impressions of your teeth. A secure fit ensures better results and protection from excess whitening gel leaking out onto your soft tissues. Take-home trays also give you the option of whitening your smile again in the future.

We also offer ready to use trays that provide reliable results in a cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

It’s true that there are lots of teeth whitening solutions that bombard you when you go to the grocery store. Why not choose one of these quick options? Consider these facts first when whiten teeth oro valley azchoosing your whitening system:

  • Store bought products don’t have the same strength that professional whitening gels do. This means that you could be left with less than desirable results and end up paying for professional treatment in the long run anyway.
  • Dr. Smith can create custom whitening systems that provide a better fit, which means improved safety for patients.
  • Whitening under the supervision of your dentist allows them to address any issues with any sensitivity that may arise.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

If you would like to learn more about how your dentist in Oro Valley can help you brighten your smile, give Smith Dentalworks a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you so you can select the whitening treatment that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

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