Laser Dentistry in Oro Valley, AZ

Has fear or anxiety kept you from visiting the dentist? Maybe you don’t like the drill or the sound that it makes? Or maybe it’s the needle that bothers you? Perhaps it’s pain you’re worried laser dentistry in oro valley az | smith dentalworksabout?

If you’ve shied away from visiting the dentist for any of these reasons, you should know that modern dentistry has made significant advances in patient comfort and healing with laser dentistry.

Oro Valley dentist, Dr. Atty Smith, is excited to bring you innovative dentistry performed with the Solea Laser that completely eliminates all of the concerns mentioned above!

How the Solea Laser Works

The state-of-the-art Solea Laser not only eliminates soft tissue concerns like periodontal disease, but it can also perform procedures on hard surfaces like tooth enamel to restore a tooth affected by decay.

Some of the dental procedures the Solea Laser can handle are:

  • Treatment for periodontal disease
  • Dental fillings
  • Tongue-tie surgeries and frenectomies
  • Gum contouring and reshaping
  • Oral surgery

Combining light and heat, the dental laser is very precise in removing diseased tissue. It also provides a sterile environment, which promotes faster and more comfortable healing.

The Additional Benefits of the Solea Laser

Because of its accuracy and precision, the Solea Laser can often replace the drill in many dental procedures. Now we’re able to eliminate the sound and feel of the drill, because Solea produces no vibration or sound.

Since laser dentistry in Oro Valley is providing patients with a pain-free experience, there’s often no need for dental anesthetic. Now we’ve also eliminated the needle and the injection that most patients dread!

Choose Laser Dentistry for Your Family

laser dentistry oro valley az | smith dentalworksThe Solea Laser has streamlined many of the procedures we perform at Smith Dental Works, which, in some cases, means less time spent in the dental chair since we need fewer procedures to complete your treatment.

The laser also provides a more comfortable and quicker healing process for many patients. This is because the Solea Laser uses the combined precision of intense light and heat to cauterize and sterilize the treated area, without harming healthy tissues. This means you won’t need stitches and that you’re healing process is faster. 

For many of our patients, the Solea Laser has completely changed how they feel about coming to their dentist in Oro Valley.

A Focus on Innovation

Innovation is a core focus for our team at Smith Dental Works. Dr. Smith continues to equip our dental office with the latest technology in order to provide dental excellence for our patients.

If you would like to learn more about how the Solea Laser could benefit you, we invite you to contact our Oro Valley dental office today at (512) 346-1212 to learn more.