Crowns & Bridges in Oro Valley, AZ

crowns and bridges oro valley azEven patients who are diligent and proactive about their dental care may have a tooth that needs to be repaired or replaced at some point. The good news is that Dr. Smith and her team are highly skilled and prepared to provide you with dental restorations that are not only functional but also an aesthetically beautiful addition to your smile.

The Cost of Missing or Damaged Teeth

A tooth that is fractured or damaged by decay may need a dental crown to restore it to health. If you delay or put off this treatment, decay can progress into the nerve of your tooth resulting in an infection. Now, root canal therapy is required to preserve your tooth and alleviate your pain.

If your tooth is failing or already missing, a dental bridge can be an ideal solution for replacing it. A bridge will restore your smile, return function so you can chew and eat with ease, and guard against the movement or shifting that occurs with neighboring teeth when you don't replace a lost tooth.

The Benefits That a Crown or Bridge Provides

A dental crown in Oro Valley fits over your damaged tooth and restores its entire structure with customized ceramic porcelain. Your crown is designed to match your natural tooth closely, so it willcrowns oro valley az provide all the function of chewing and eating you enjoyed before. It is also shaded to match your surrounding teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. A crown is also the restoration that tops a dental implant when you are replacing a single tooth.

It typically takes two to three weeks and two appointments with Dr. Smith to complete a crown. She takes digital impressions of your tooth and prepares it for your new restoration during your first visit. She also creates a temporary crown for you to wear while a trusted dental lab crafts your new tooth. When your final restoration is ready, you’ll return to SDW to have it placed permanently. 

A dental bridge consists of two crowns anchored to healthy adjacent teeth with a prosthetic tooth suspended between them and sits in the open space. We also make bridges out of ceramic porcelain, and they are capable of replacing multiple adjacent missing teeth. Function and aesthetics are restored to your smile when you choose a dental bridge.

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Would you like more information so you can select the right treatment to repair your tooth? Dr. Smith is happy to discuss your concerns and goals for your smile with you so she can recommend the right procedures for your needs.

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